Welcome to MyGarageSale.com!

It’s a great pleasure to announce the launch of MyGarageSale.com in Australia and the USA, finally! This site has been a couple of years in the making, with a few stops and starts, a couple of road bumps, and the odd hiccup or two along the way…

I think you’ll agree however, it was worth the wait when you start using our site, and see all the excellent features that we’ve tailored specifically for garage/yard sale enthusiasts. Features like our “Watch List” to help you keep track of the sales that interest you, a “View Counter” to see how many times a listing has been viewed, and the ability to ask the seller a question prior to the sale, just to name a few.

I’d also like to draw your attention to the Communities & Forums section of our site (under Tips & Hints). This section allows our members to share their knowledge and experiences with each other through a variety of forums to promote discussion, and assist those not so experienced in garage or yard sales. Our aim is to create an online global community of like-minded members interested in all-things garage/yard sales - please jump in and try it out! You don’t need to be a member to view the postings, but you will have to register and log in if you’d like to contribute to the forums – and we strongly encourage you to do so!

It’s our aim to have MyGarageSale.com continually evolve to better serve our garage sale community, so please feel free to provide constructive feedback, additional functionality you’d like to see, and suggestions for improvements. You can do this via our forums or by sending in an Online Feedback Form (under “About” in the main menu) – don’t be shy….

And finally, Thank you to everyone who’s assisted us in getting to this point. Thank you to all those who signed up to our newsletter over the past 18months and have patiently waited for our site to come on-line. Thank you also to those who have offered feedback, suggestions, and encouragement. And thank you to the small but very capable MyGarageSale.com team - you guys have done, and continue to do an awesome job!

Please help us and spread the word that people holding Garage and/or Yard Sales can list them for FREE at MyGarageSale.com!

Have a great week, and happy Garage Sale-ing!